Supporting Young People and Families affected by substance use.

CCAR’s Young People and Family (YPF) Services are rooted in our Recovery Community Centers (RCC). We provide support for Young People and Families affected by substance use by offering peer-led, recovery support meetings either in-person, at our RCC’s or virtually on Zoom. YPF Services participants have a chance to engage in advocacy efforts locally and statewide and participate in developing support networks within the established RCC’s through personal meetings, presentations, and other promotional/networking activities. Please reach out by phone or email or come visit us! We’d love to offer you support in your Recovery Journey. Contact YPF directly by emailing the YPF Services Manager or by reaching out to the Recovery Community Center closest to you.

There is always a welcoming recovery community at CCAR! Get involved in one of our programs and join our community: #nationalrecoverymonth


How does a Volunteer Manager of a Recovery Community Center spend their day? Join Edgardo Patron, New Haven RCC Volunteer Manager, on a day in his life to get a real look into how our staff supports the local recovery community! Edgardo is just one person at CCAR that makes a difference to recoverees daily. Help us continue to strengthen our programs and expand our reach by donating to our National Recovery Month Fundraiser for CCAR Recovery Support Services: Any amount can make a difference!

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