CCAR’s Emergency Department Recovery Coaching Program

Launched in 2017, CCAR’s Emergency Department Recovery Coach (EDRC) program currently operates in 22 Connecticut hospital Emergency Departments (EDs). Our ED Recovery Coaches are skilled professionals who meet with patients admitted to an ED as a result of an opioid overdose or other drug or alcohol related crisis. They support patients, family members, and hospital personnel by providing assistance to begin recovery or stabilize recovery when needed. ED Recovery Coaches have demonstrated effectiveness in linking Emergency Department patients with treatment and community based recovery resources.

CCAR’s Department of Corrections Recovery Coaching Program

Recovery Coaches meet with returning citizens who are within 30 to 90 days from discharge. They provide seamless transition to community providers and other recovery support services that are vital to re-entry success. The DOC Recovery Coach program works with 8 DOC facilities and all 5 district parole offices.

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