Volunteering Opportunities

CCAR is a volunteer agency, promoting recovery through volunteering in our communities. Volunteers maintain their own recovery by giving back and supporting CCAR’s peer support services. Individuals early in recovery are strengthened by volunteer peers who provide support, resources, and encouragement to individuals who are just beginning their road to recovery. If you are interested in volunteering with CCAR, please contact one of the Recovery Community Centers.

CCAR has developed a Volunteer Management System that offers volunteers a standardized orientation, scheduling, and training process, as well as various volunteer position descriptions that contain professional responsibilities volunteers can apply to personal career advancement.

The heart of CCAR’s Volunteer Management System are our volunteer trainings. Volunteers participate in a variety of trainings designed to build skills specific to the volunteer’s task, recovery interests, and needs, including volunteer orientation training. Trainings incorporate transformational language and elements to enhance volunteer self-esteem, strengthen their recovery, and build their recovery capital. CCAR’s mandatory training series for volunteers teaches communication skills, and team building and focuses on incorporating recovery into a volunteer’s life. After completing the required training, volunteers will have a clear understanding of CCAR’s Recovery Center values and ethics, the policies and procedures, and the nuts and bolts of advocacy and recovery service. This orientation is compulsory for all CCAR volunteers.

Volunteers are recruited from all walks of life and bring with them a recovery, cultural, economic, and educational perspective that adds diversity to the team. CCAR volunteers are college students and interns, individuals in early or long-term recovery, retired professionals, unemployed recoverees, allies, and individuals providing community service hours or probation requirements.

Our Mission

The Volunteer Program of CCAR supports the CCAR mission in organizing the recovery community and its ability to care. To provide a variety of effective peer-to-peer recovery support services that address the needs of the recovery community.

Core Values

We listen to our membership and attempt to incorporate their suggestions.

We promote the primacy of individual recovery.

We look for opportunities for individuals to use their gifts and develop their strengths.

We ensure cultural diversity and inclusion.

We continue to identify, nurture and develop leadership from within the recovering community.

We engage in a participatory process.

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