The Ocean Recovery Community Alliance (ORCA)

The Ocean Recovery Community Alliance (ORCA) mission focuses on building a community alliance of individuals, organizations, agencies and businesses united by a sense of altruism and the shared, apolitical desire to act as stewards of our world’s oceans, beaches and waterways. ORCA strives to exhibit certain organizational values in the process of executing our mission; those values include: Respect, Integrity, Gratitude, Honesty and Transparency.

We pursue our mission by:

  • Exhibiting our organizational values in all our affairs.
  • Organizing clean-up events in diverse and varying settings.
  • Performing outreach to bring potential, unrelated partners together under the shared mission.
  • Providing opportunities for service to individuals from many different backgrounds.
  • Collecting data from clean ups to report on amounts of foreign materials collected from our waters.

Show your support for ORCA’s mission by offering a donation. All proceeds will go toward funding future cleanups. We thank you in advance!

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