Supporting Young Adults and Families affected by substance use.

CCAR’s Young Adult and Family (YAF) Services are rooted in our system of Recovery Community Centers (RCC). Our YAF services seek to provide support for Young Adults and Families affected by substance use by way of organizing peer recovery support meetings, in-person at our Centers and on virtual platforms. YAF pursues advocacy efforts in local and statewide initiatives where the voice of YA and/or Family members is needed and develops support networks within the established RCC’s for young adults and family members through personal meetings, presentations, and other promotional/networking activities. There is a community of Young Adults and Family members engaged at our Centers, reach out or come visit us to join in the love! We’d be honored to offer you support in a manner that you feel is most fitting for where you are on your Recovery Journey. Contact YAF directly by emailing the Services Manager or by reaching out to the Recovery Community Center closest to you.