Asher Delerme

Though born and raised in “El Barrio” section of East Harlem, New York City, Asher Delerme has long been a pioneering force in Connecticut’s social services, behavioral health and supportive housing programs. As Executive Director of C.A.S.A. Inc., a non-profit behavioral health agency based in New Haven and Bridgeport CT, Delerme has been continuously involved in advocating for culturally-based clinical and institutional practices on state and national levels. Having overseen human services programs for the past 25 years, his experience ranges from behavioral health treatment to community-based programs and higher education. Delerme holds Bachelor’s degree from Wesleyan University, has attended the University of Ghana in West Africa and obtained his Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Southern Connecticut State University. Delerme is a licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor and Certified Clinical Supervisor.

For the past decade, as clinician and educator, Delerme has passionately explored the connection between learning, human development and the arts. He is a principle member of MPACT – Multicultural Perspectives in Assessment, Consultation and Training, providing consultation and training, both regionally and nationally. In addition to his social services work, Delerme is an accomplished musician with extensive knowledge of the ethnomusicology of African, Caribbean, and Jazz music genres. Delerme’s cumulative experience in psychosocial development and the ethnomusicology of African, Caribbean, and Jazz genres affords him a unique training perspective in music education, multicultural issues, behavioral health and community development