CCAR Advocacy

Your virtual home for Recovery Advocacy! For years now, our Statewide Recovery Advocacy Meetings have served as forums for discussion between members of the community and representatives from decision-making bodies. We also offer a number of trainings throughout the year to empower individuals to provide testimony at the State Legislature and pursue their own Advocacy goals. He we’ll provide information and resources to support Recovery Advocacy on the State and National level. We are still building-out this page so check back for new additions. Your voice has power – join CCAR Advocacy and make it heard!

Enroll in the Connecticut General Assembly Bill Tracking platform.

This platform is free of charge, one simply needs to register as a user, and you’ll be able to explore all bills before the legislature and receive notifications as things evolve. A great tool for Recovery Advocates!

Our Advocacy Campaign Schedule outlines virtual offerings where we’ll be preparing for the 2021 legislative session. The February campaign schedule will be released soon. We’ll meet newly elected legislators, host training for crafting testimony, analyze bills the Recovery Community wants to oppose or support, and more! We always need Recovery Advocates willing to come and show that recovery is possible. If you’d like to contribute, email: