CCAR Trainers

We have created a place on our website specifically for those of you who are currently authorized to train our CCAR Trainings.  You need to have completed the TOT program in order to become an authorized trainer. Each of our individual training programs has a TOT component, and you must complete the requirements to become an authorized trainer by CCAR for each of the training programs we have available. If you are unsure of your status as a trainer, please email We hope you will find the information below useful to you as you plan your CCAR Training.  Join our FaceBook page for Trainers of the CCAR RCA by clicking here.

Each of the CCAR Programs are a unique training program that are designed to be conducted in a retreat-type environment.  When choosing a location for your on-site training, CCAR recommends a space that is large enough for people to move about in a variety of seating arrangements.  Tables and chairs that can be moved easily are ideal for this training program.  Our programs utilize small groupings, large groupings and a wide array of activities so participants stay fully engaged while learning and practicing their newly acquired skills.

Items that will need to be in place for a successful CCAR Training are:

· Table groupings for 6-8 people to table

· Several easels and pads (one for each table grouping)

· A screen and a LCD projector

· Tape

· Markers

· Toys (Yes, Toys!  Stressballs, cans of playdough, pipe cleaners, etc.  are great for adult learners who may need to keep their hands busy while sitting through full days of training.)

Scheduling a CCAR Training:

Per the agreement, all Trainers need to inform CCAR anytime a training is scheduled.  To do so, please complete one of the following forms based on the training you are scheduling:
RCA: RCA Training Request Form
Ethics: Training Request Form Ethics 2014
Spirituality: Training Request Form Sprituality

Please note it is recommended that 2 authorized CCAR Trainers train the RCA. Only one trainer is suitable for Ethics or Spirituality.

Return the appropriate form to Stacy at or by fax: (860) 244-2228.

Ordering Materials:

All orders may be paid online with a credit card and must be paid in full before the manuals will ship.

RCA Manuals cost $44.00 each.

Ethics Manuals cost $30.00 each.

Spirituality Manuals cost $25.00 each.

Prices include shipping. Orders for manuals must be placed two weeks in advance of your scheduled training.  If your training is coming up sooner than two weeks, please contact Stacy at CCAR at (860) 218-9553.  All rush orders will be charged an additional rush fee of $25.00, as well, additional shipping charges may apply.

New Trainer’s Manual: 

If you lose your manual, you will need to order and pay for a new one. You may do so by visiting the Recovery Store.



Am I a Certified CCAR Trainer?

Once you have completed the CCAR Training of Trainer program you are authorized by CCAR to that particular CCAR Training.  There are TOT Programs for each of the trainings we offer.  We do not like to use the term certified since it is commonly mistaken as being a certified professional in this field.

Do I become Certified Recovery Coach when I complete the CCAR RCA?

The answer is no.  All participants who complete the RCA get a certificate of completion from CCAR.  This certificate is the equivalent of 30 contact hours.  Participants can use this certificate to fulfill requirements of their local certification board to become certified.

Can I train the Academy on my own?  It is preferred that the CCAR Recovery Coach Academy be trained by two trainers, and that both trainers have completed the CCAR RCA Training of Trainer Program.

What is the typical schedule for the CCAR RCA?  Typically the RCA is trained from Monday through Friday as five full day sessions.  The curriculum is written for five full days of training.  A set of trainers can alter the actual days it is trained, (Over the weekend, or held over a couple of weeks) but it is preferred that it stay a five day training program.

Can I list my upcoming training on the CCAR Website?  At this time we are not able to list the trainnings that you schedule on our website.

As a Trainer of the RCA, can I also train the Training of Trainers program?  No.  Currently the only people who are authorized to train the Training of Trainers program are Core Trainers.  RCA Core Trainers have completed a unique, comprehensive training program focused on training trainers and maintain high-levels of core training quality and excellence.  The current list of CCAR Core Trainers for the RCA include:

Fred and Sharon Chapelle – FL
Fell Cadwallader – NY**
Betty Currier – NC
Richard Davilla – FL
Donna Mae Depaolo – NY
Kevin Gabbert – IO
Blair Jennings – NY**
Sandra Marnell – NY
Dona Pagan – NY
Arthur Woodard – NY
Jim Wuelfing – MA*

* Indicates Core Trainer in Ethics

** Indicates Core Trainer in Ethics and Spirituality

CCAR reviews this list on a regular basis to respond to the needs of the field and reserves the right to alter this listing as needed.